Sustainably handmade books, yours in the making.

Whether you need a simple notebook to keep you company in your day to day, make someone’s birthday memorable, a once-in-a-lifetime object of irreplaceable sentimental value, or a restaurant menu your patrons will never forget, we can make it. Not convinced? Pay our studio a visit, and see what’s possible when our hands are at work.

who are we ?

We are a small but growing team of artists, artisans and designers.

Two young artists - Victoria Wigzell and Madeleine Dymond - founded Young Bucks from a mutual interest in creating things with their hands, creating new environments for learning, and building a sustainable enterprise through which a variety of creative projects can be pursued. Together they co-direct the business - overseeing new designs, general production, workshop design and facilitation as well as the general management of the studio. They are joined by Vinnie Iverson, currently training as a Maker and artisan bookbinder, and also a digital marketing intern. Vinnie is himself a young entrepreneur with the passion and insight necessary to push small business forward.


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what's new at young bucks?

Young Bucks is able to supply all tools and materials needed to bind any book. We use these tools and supplies to facilitate workshops for book binding. The establishment of this supply arm to complement our workshops has also led to us carrying a broad range of papers, stationery and art supplies. These tools and supplies are available for purchase below. This service is ideal for artists, artist organisations, schools and hobby groups.