Young Bucks is a convergence of collaborators, born out of conversations and mutual interests around stories and how they are told, publishing, and books as an artistic medium. Having grown organically since 2017 with the initiation of the organisation’s first workshop with Wits University students, Young Bucks is taking the slow but steady approach in pursuing its various ambitions. As an entity founded on new collaborations, we welcome propositions and  new conversations to add to our own. We are:

Victoria Wigzell is a South African multi-disciplinary artist with an interest in publishing and pedagogy as artistic mediums. She has taught and facilitated workshops at Wits University, as well as for an NGO and high school environment since 2017, in collaboration with Madeleine Dymond. In addition to her work around bookmaking and experimentation with the book form, she is also a recent co-founder of experimental video and film production platform News From Home, in collaboration with Simon Gush.

Madeleine Dymond is a South African artist with a propensity for text, collective practices, and publication making. In collaboration with Victoria Wigzell she has facilitated workshops on bookmaking in a variety of contexts since 2017. Since 2016 she has produced publications with the *err collective, as well as with long term collaborative partners Erika Pirl and Camille Kaiser, and has been an editor for an artist’s novel. She is currently in the early (read anxious) stages of consolidating proposal for a doctorate in philosophy.