The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is a Bookbinder!

Duchess Meghan Markle checks out some of Young Bucks’ famous mini books


“Two minutes everyone! She’s arriving in two minutes!”

For the first time in a very long time, the Young Bucks Studio was dead quiet. The whole team was waiting in nervous anticipation for the arrival of the Duchess of Sussex as part of her tour of Victoria Yards and Makers Valley.  Brendon Mkhwanazi, Young Bucks bookbinder and Makers Valley resident, had agreed to be in charge of the tour, and despite the general nervousness of everyone else in the room was perfectly cool, calm and collected. As she entered, the Duchess remarked to everyone’s surprise that she used to teach bookbinding!

Bookbinder Brendon Mkhwanazi leads the Duchess’ visit to Young Bucks

We have also since found out from our friend and collaborator Robyn that the Duchess also used to teach calligraphy. For a group of artisans, passionately engaged in what many consider to be a dying craft, to hear that someone as venerated as the Duchess deeply understands and appreciates our practice is beyond affirming and uplifting. After purchasing some of our much loved mini books, the Duchess moved on to the next stop on her tour and as quickly as this game changing event began it was over. One thing that is for sure though,  the Duchess will always be welcome at Young Bucks’ Studio!

Smiles all round as the Duchess reveals that she too is a book binder



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