March 27, 2018


All stitching, binding, finishing and assembly of the Young Bucks notebook range is done in our Johannesburg studio.

We are a small but growing team of artists, artisans and designers. Two artists – Victoria Wigzell and Madeleine Dymond – founded Young Bucks in 2017 from a mutual interest in creating things with their hands, creating new environments for learning, and building a sustainable enterprise to pursue a variety of creative projects. Since its foundation, Young Bucks has grown and changed to become a five member team dedicated to realising custom book projects, publications, and workshops. We are a creative team that works with the principle of learning and growth at its core. Every project we take on or create becomes an opportunity to grow our skills and experience, and innovate our offerings to become the best paper-based creative enterprise in South Africa.

Young Bucks specialises in the merging of digital and analogue processes in the creation of books and publications.

We call Victoria Yards home, working amongst some of Johannesburg’s best designers, artists, chefs, digital agencies and so much more. Like many of the companies based at Victoria Yards, Young Bucks is a social enterprise that is dedicated to skills development, community upliftment and supporting sustainable growth in the creative sector.

Victoria Yards is Johannesburg’s foremost creative hub, a must-see for any visitor


The Young Bucks team are (from left to right): Francois, Brendon, Makaziwe, Sibongile and Victoria