March 27, 2018

About our Notebooks

Born from the enjoyment of making beautiful things, and spreading good vibes, our bespoke range of notebooks will be the ideal home for your thoughts. Signalling a return to handmade processes, these products combine age old practices with the new vigour of a generation that values skill and care over all else. Each item that leaves our workshop is unique – making the difference that sets these objects apart from the rest.

Take a look at our currently available designs below.

Colour Blocked Book Textile

Introduced for their highly customisable quality, our standard range of colour blocked book textile notebook is perfect for any location, occasion or setting. Keep your eyes peeled for the signature corner on these sleek notebooks.

Colour Blocked Notebooks by Young bucks

Created from the highly versatile Wicotex ‘Brillianta’ book textile, our Colour Blocked range are bound to present your ideal colour combination in a simple, elegant design.

Colour block short edge notebooks

The Colour Blocked range is also available in short edge format – ideal for sketching and diagram making.


These rounded spine notebooks are covered using Cordenon’s distinctive ‘leatherlike’ paper, making them a perfect cruelty free and environmentally friendly alternative. This range is perfect for corporate customary notebooks. Available in A5 and A6, each book contains 320 pages, and features hand marbled, tweed textured end sheets.

Young Bucks Leatherlike notebook

The Leatherlike notebook comes either lined or unlined, and also includes a ribbon.

Young Bucks Leatherlike notebook

The most distinctive element of he Leatherlike notebook are its hand marbled end sheets.

Marbled Fabric

Our latest Marbled notebook collection consists of hardcover notebooks covered in hand marbled cotton twill fabric. The wonderfully rich and tactile book covers of the Marbled collection are as a result of combination of the twill fabric with the richly coloured inks used in the marbling process.  These covers are hand marbled in studio, sign up for a marbling workshop with Young Bucks to learn how to do this age old technique at home!

Young Bucks Marbled Books

The Marbled Fabric range is known for its incredible cover patterns, which, due to the handmade marbling process, are each entirely unique.

Young Bucks Marbled books

Young Bucks Marbled notebooks are at times cut from the same piece of marbled fabric, resulting in highly limited sets inn multiple sizes.

Stab Bind Notepad

This stylish and affordable 100 page notepad is ideal for avid note-takers and writers. The Japanese stab bind technique is traditionally glue free, instead making use of stitched patterns to secure the spine. The cover paper, ‘Plike’ is an FSC approved, plastic-like paper which allows stray water droplets or pieces of dirt to be wiped away simply and easily. This makes for an ideal gift for aspiring writers and a great note pad for students.

Young Bucks Stab Bind Notebook

The Stab Bind notebook benefits from the incredibly rich colour range of the ‘Plike’ cover material.

Young Bucks Stab Bid Notebook

The Stab Bound notebook contains perforated pages – ideal for he avid note taker.

Shwe Shwe Notebooks

Our hardcover notebooks, covered in 3Cats Shwe Shwe, were the first of our signature ranges. 3Cats is the original Shwe Shwe brand, created by DaGama Textiles in the Eastern Cape.

Young Bucks Shweshwe Notebook

The Shweshwe Hardcover notebook is also available in short edge format – perfect for designers and artists.

Mini Books

Being a waste-free studio, Young Bucks makes use of each and every paper and fabric off cut to bring you these delightful miniature versions of our standard notebook range.

The Mini Range – created purely from offcuts and trimmings – is the perfect example of Young Bucks’ waste free approach.

Gift Sets

These handmade clamshell boxes are the perfect way to present and preserve any book. Our retail box sets currently come with three books of any one of our signature ranges. These boxes are customisable to be any shape and size, to house any precious object. These handmade boxes are a perfect way to present gifts and are ideal for corporate customisation.

One for work, one for play, one for imaginings.

One for work, one for play, one for imaginings.

More than just a box, this handmade gift is guaranteed to last.

More than just a box, this handmade gift is guaranteed to last.